Workouts 24 January – 29 January

Sign Up For The CrossFit Games Open MondayMetcon“Bayside Chipper”48 Box Jump Overs 24/20″24 Double KB FR Box Step-Overs 24/16Kg8/6 Rope Climbs24 Burpee Box Jump Overs48 …

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Workouts 17 January – 22 January

Register For The CrossFit Games Open Here MondayMetcon“No Easy Way Out”21-18-15-12-9-6-3Bar Facing BurpeesSquat Cleans 61/43Kg AimEndurance / Self-Talk MobilityBretzel Stretch Tuesday Metcon“Peaches”12 Minute Ladder3 Handstand …

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Workouts 10 January – 15 January

MondayMetcon“Loosen Up”4 Rounds24 Wall Balls16 Toes to Bar AimHeart Rate & Grip Control / Positivity MobilityWall Ball Thoracic StretchPigeon Stretch TuesdayMetcon“Grand Aul Stretch”AMRAP 155 Bar …

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Workouts 3 January – 8 January

MondayMetcon“Nasty Girls V2”3 Rounds for Time50 Pistols (alternating legs)7 Muscle-Ups10 Hang Power Cleans 80/57Kg AimStrength Endurance and Fortitude MobilityCapsule StretchFrog Stretch TuesdayMetcon“Celebration”22 Cal Assault Bike22 …

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Workouts 27 December – 1 January

MondayMetcon“Turkety Trot”21 Thrusters 43/29Kg21 Pull Ups400m Run18 Thrusters 43/29Kg18 Pull Ups400m Run15 Thrusters 43/29Kg15 Pull Ups400m Run12 Thrusters 43/29Kg12 Pull Ups400m Run9 Thrusters 43/29Kg9 Pull …

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Workouts 20-24 December

MondayMetcon“The Standard”30 Clean & Jerks 61/43Kg30 Muscle Ups30 Snatches 61/43Kg AimShoulder & Lower Back Endurance MobilityCapsule Stretch Tuesday“Naughty and Nice”StrengthMax out any lift of your …

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Workouts 13 December – 17 December

MondayMetcon“Starboy”Minute 0:0018/15 Calories Bike15 Power Cleans 50/35Kg12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups Minute 10:0018/15 Calories Ski15 Power Cleans 50/35Kg12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups AimSprint …

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Workouts 6 December – 11 December

VOTE IN THE CFI AWARDS! MondayMetcon“Easy Does It”AMRAP 205 Strict Chin Ups10 Box Jumps15 Push Presses 40/25Kg AimMuscular Endurance & Enthusiasm MobilityBanded Shoulder Flexion Stretch …

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Workouts 29 November – 3 December

MondayMetcon“Franarf”21-15-9-15-21Thrusters 43/29KgPull Ups AimPacing & Self-Motivation TuesdayMetcon“Grettel”10 Rounds3 Power Clean & Jerks 61/43Kg3 Bar Facing Burpees AimGrip & Grit WednesdayMetconAMRAP 2010 Calorie Erg1 Walk Walk(Add …

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Workouts 22 November – 27 November

MondayMetcon“Obscure Simpsons’ Reference”6 Minute Ladder3 Cal Row3 Dumbbell Thrusters6/6, 9/9, 12/12…-rest 3 minutes-6 Minute Ladder3 Cal Ski6 Dumbbell Lunges6/6, 9/9, 12/12…-rest 3 minutes-6 Minute Ladder3 …

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