Workouts 9 August – 14 August (GAMES WEEK!)

MondayMetconIE4 (ish)10,9,8…3,2,1Wall WalksDumbbell Thrusters MobilityCapsule Stretch TuesdayMetconIE8 (ish)21-15-9Calories ErgPower Snatch 48/34Kg MobilityUnderneath StretchBretzel StretchStraddle Stretch WednesdayMetconIE10 (ish)30 Toes to Bar1200m Run30 Toes to Bar1200m Run30 …

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Workouts 2 August – 7 August

Monday – 10am & 12noon Classes Only Metcon“Kahn”15-12-9-6-3Back Squats 60/40KgDumbbell Clean & Jerks MobilityPigeon StretchBretzel Stretch TuesdayMetcon“Long John Silver”80 Kettlebell Swings80 Pistols80 Push Presses 40/25Kg80 …

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Workouts 26 July – 31 July

MondayMetcon“AstraZeneca”Every 3 minutes x 6 rounds6-4-2 repsLateral BurpeesDeadlifts 100/65Kg MobilityStraddle Stretch TuesdayMetcon“Colette”AMRAP 20400m RunMax Effort Toes to Bar MobilityHurdler StretchUnderneath Stretch WednesdayMetcon“Ermahgerd”AMRAP 147 Calories Erg14 …

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Workouts 19 July – 24 July

MondayMetcon“Ghetto Gospel”Run 1 Mile20 Front Squats 100/70KgRun 1 Mile MobilityQuad Stretch TuesdayMetcon“Ice Cube”3 Rounds1 Minute Bike1 Minute V-Ups -3 minutes transition- 3 Rounds1 Minute Row1 …

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Workouts 12 July – 17 July

Monday Metcon“AGOQ 21.3”75 Power Cleans 61/43Kg300 Double Unders MobilityUnderneath StretchDog Down Tuesday StrengthBack Squat1RM ConditioningRun 1 Mile MobilityPigeon Stretch WednesdayStrengthPush Press3-3-3-3-3 ConditioningAMRAP 147 Dumbbell Push …

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Workouts 5 July – 9 July

MondayMetcon“Blame Kaner”In 5 Minutes Complete500m RowMax Burpees over Rower-rest 5 minutesIn 5 Minutes Complete500m SkiMax Wall Balls-rest 5 minutesIn 5 Minutes Complete1000m BikeMax Bar Muscle …

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Workouts 28 June – 3 July

MondayStrengthDeadlift 3×3 Pump Session/Joint Health4 x 30 seconds on/30 seconds offPull UpsRight Side PlankTricep ExtensionsLeft Side Plank MobilityStraddle Stretch TuesdayMore Glorious Erg AMRAPsAMRAP 58 Calorie …

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Workouts 21 June – 26 June

MondayStrengthStrict Press12-10-8-6-4-2 Conditioning3 Rounds:1 Minute Wall Balls1 Minute Strict Pull Ups1 Minute Double Unders 1 minute rest – MobilityBretzel Stretch TuesdayStrengthDeadlift 4×4 ConditioningAlt EMOM 16Handstand …

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Workouts 14 June – 19 June

MondayStrengthHang Snatch2-2-2-2-2 Pump Session/Joint Health4 x 30 seconds on/30 seconds offChin UpsTricep ExtensionsHollow Holds MobilityShoulder Extension Stretch TuesdayStrengthStrict Press12-10-8-6-4-2 Conditioning3 Rounds:1 Minute Box Jumps1 Minute …

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Workouts: 7 June – 12 June

MondayStrengthFront Squat – Heavy Single Conditioning Test7 Minutes Dumbbell Burpee Box Step Over MobilityQuad Stretch on Boxes TuesdayStrengthPower Snatch3-3-3-3-3 Pump Session/Joint Health4 x 30 seconds …

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