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Our mission to be the place you find joy in fitness, develop genuine connections with great team mates who build your self belief, confidence, and help you find happiness, achievement and fulfillment.  

We Are Coachable:

  • Humble (always looking to learn)
  • Trusting
  • Growth Focused
We Are Enthusiastic:
  • Positive
  • Give 100% Effort
  • Grateful
We Are Team Players:
  • Supportive
  • Conscientious
  • Inspiring
What We Want For Everyone in CFI:
  • Fitness – the ability to live the live you want
  • Health – Physical, Social and Emotional – be the most badass MF in the nursing home!
  • Happiness – Enjoy the journey AND the results!

Nick Habich | OWNER

meet your support team

Seán Brown

Weightlifting Speciality Coach
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Seán has been in the fitness industry for nearly a decade now working with people of all athletic backgrounds from elite level athletes to complete beginners. He has played sports all his life including rugby, gymnastics, Gaelic football, soccer and golf to a high standard. Holding a Bachelors in Science (BSC) degree in Sports Performance & Coaching along with CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting qualifications he has a depth of knowledge at his disposal to help any level athlete achieve their fitness and health goals.
Seán is a competitive Olympic weightlifter, currently ranked number one male in Ireland. He has competed internationally at the U23 European Championships in 2014 and the World Championships and European Championships in 2017. He holds multiple national records also in the -85kg weight class.
Bsc (Hons) Sports Performance & Coaching CrossFit Level 2 Weightlifting Ireland Level 1 British Weightlifting Level 1 Chek Golf Performance Specialist [/expander_maker]

Mark Rowan

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My name is Mark and I've done most of my coaching in Kildare where I'm from. Since a young age I've been involved in many sports such as Long distance open water swimming, White-water kayaking, Rugby, Gaa, football and Tennis. So by participating in all of this it led to a very physical lifestyle as you can imagine. My love for sport then brought me to studying it and the coaching aspect. Currently my Full focus is on Olympic Weightlifting and just raising my lifting numbers under the eyes of Sean Brown. In my short time of 4 years being a coach I've been very lucky to work in many gyms and also in the UK delivering group exercise upskilling modules to instructors. Without doubt the highlight of my coaching experience was most definitely teaching LesMills Bodyattack on mainstage at Irelands fitness festival, Wellfest. I'm so grateful to be given the opportunity to bring some of my qualities to CrossFit Ireland. It truly is an onwards and upwards experience from here on and I'm really looking forward to growing with the coaches and members of CFI.[/expander_maker]

Dave Kane

Coach[expander_maker id="2" more="Read more" less="Read less"] The tightest jeans in all of coaching! [/expander_maker]

Beáta Jung

Gymnastics & Kids Specicaily Coach [expander_maker id="2" more="Read more" less="Read less"]

Beáta has been coaching for over 10 years now in the fitness industry. Specialising in coaching kids and gymnastics along with CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. She has been a competitive acrobatic gymnast for 7 years, winning multiple national championships since the age of 10 years old. After, she was a high level CrossFit athlete ranking in the top five in Hungary from 2014 to 2018.During her competive CrossFit career she also focused on Olympic Weightlifting from 2016 winning multiple national championships, a European U23 gold medal and a University World Championships silver medal.Her passion now is to pass on her knowledge to everyone she coaches so they can enjoy sport and be healthy just as she did.QUALIFICATIONS:* CrossFit Gymnastics * CrossFit Level 1* Weightlifting Ireland Level 1* Acrobatic Gymnastics Trainer Course[/expander_maker]

Sam Stewart

Specialty Coach (Competition)[expander_maker id="2" more="Read more" less="Read less"]

Sam started his athletic career with martial arts at age 12. In transition year, Sam joined CrossFit Ireland for work experience and quickly impressed the staff with his positive attitude and desire to do the right thing. Sam continued training with CrossFit Ireland since then and has grown as an athlete and leader of the team. Sam has represented Ireland in Olympic Weightlifting, alongside leading the competitive team of CFI in the sport side of CrossFit. Sam is a top notch motivator and his mission is to really see everyone succeed way past their expectations.[/expander_maker]

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