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our story

Our mission to be the place you find joy in fitness, develop genuine connections with great team mates who build your self belief, confidence, and help you find happiness, achievement and fulfillment.  

We Are Coachable:

  • Humble (always looking to learn)
  • Trusting
  • Growth Focused
We Are Enthusiastic:
  • Positive
  • Give 100% Effort
  • Grateful
We Are Team Players:
  • Supportive
  • Conscientious
  • Inspiring
What We Want For Everyone in CFI:
  • Fitness – the ability to live the live you want
  • Health – Physical, Social and Emotional – be the most badass MF in the nursing home!
  • Happiness – Enjoy the journey AND the results!

Nick Habich | OWNER

meet your support team

Seán Brown

Weightlifting Speciality Coach

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Mark Rowan


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Dave Kane


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Beáta Jung

Gymnastics & Kids Specicaily Coach

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Sam Stewart

Specialty Coach (Competition)

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