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The Team


Nigera Zylyftari


Gera started training in a traditional globo gym about 15 years ago, mainly using machines but doing it as a means of self care and something “for me”. While training in combat sports (Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai) in a Strength and Conditioning gym Gera started doing some free weight training to try something new. This led to wanting a change in career and a personal training qualification and starting work in that same Strength and Conditioning gym. Gera fell in love with the sport of Weightlifting after being introduced to the Olympic lifts as part of CrossFit workouts. She now competes at both National and International level Weightlifting events. Gera has a passion for coaching people who want to regain their fitness after life stresses and demands have taken over their time or with those who want to try a new sport at a later stage in life. When not in the gym you’ll find Gera cooking, hiking or traveling and capturing them all through her love of photography.


Derek Davis


Derek stumbled into CrossFit almost by accident and although his first ever workout contained burpees he was hooked from the start. Derek made the move from working in IT to coaching people how to be fitter, healthier versions of themselves. First part time and then taking the dive into coaching full time. Having started the sport of CrossFit in his mid thirties and with a whole bunch of new skills to be learned Derek knows the importance of patience, showing up and doing the work. While he enjoys a mix of gymnastics and barbell workouts he’s always up for a good old fashioned bodybuilding session!


Colm O’Reilly


Colm discovered CrossFit 15 years ago while working an office job and instantly fell in love with it, as it’s the most fun way to get fit. He loves how getting in shape can spark a change in people’s lives outside the gym. You’re happier, better able to manage stress and your confidence grows. As a coach he likes to entertain as well as educate, to try give everyone a few laughs while they work out. (Unfortunately sometimes you have to listen to his terrible puns.) Outside of the gym Colm loves Marvel movies, cycling, and the gym’s emotional support doggo – Castro PandaPup!


Sopot Sula


Meet Sopot, a weightlifting aficionado since age 7, whose journey is studded with triumphs in the field. His initiation into CrossFit happened virtually, but his first thrilling encounter took place at CrossFit Ireland. Fuelled by a fiery passion for sports, Sopot’s heart races for weightlifting and CrossFit. When not conquering the gym, he’s soaking up Ireland’s splendor. Beyond that, he’s a movie buff, a music maestro, a culinary artist, a bookworm, and a devoted foodie. His life’s driving force? “More legs!”-a testament to his unwavering belief in unleashing the power of the body’s mightiest muscles. Sopot’s zest for life is as boundless as his athletic pursuits.


David Kane


David started CrossFit 7 years ago after being forced into retirement in his American football and Rugby careers due to a knee injury. He quickly fell in love with the sport and during the process managed to lose 20kg. David wanted to help others start their fitness journey and decided to become a coach in CFI when the opportunity presented itself. Outside of the gym you can find me at D4tress cheering on Leinster. If it’s a sunny day I’m A fair weather cyclist and of course playing video games.


Gus Kelly


As a father of two Gus is passionate about young people learning how rewarding a fit and active lifestyle can be. Coaching our kids and teens classes he aims to teach our younger members the importance of good movement and build their confidence and fitness while having fun and learning new skills. Gus has been a member of CrossFit Ireland since 2018, He is an enthusiastic cyclist and self described “distinctly average olympic weightlifter”.


John Kennedy


John started off as a teen member in the club and from day one he was hooked, John quickly graduated to the strength classes where he currently competes in club and at a national level. His love for the sport led him to pursue coaching qualifications in CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting because “it’s very rewarding to be there when people reach their goals and to think that you played a part in that journey” Outside the gym John is very active and enjoys cycling, he used to swim competitively and is currently studying Computer science.

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