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Pause Clean & Split Jerk

How to Perform;

Set up for your clean with the bar on the ground as normal. Bring the bar off the floor just about 2″ and pause there for 3 to 5 seconds. You should try and push through your feet and use your legs more than your back to move the bar at this stage. During the pause the weight should be on the ball of the foot and your quads should be fully engaged and activated. Once the pause finished you will then commence straight into a full clean without resetting. Once you’ve cleaned the barbell you will proceed to complete a split jerk. Make sure the bar in a in good front rack position, you have a full grip on the barbell and your dip and drive is a vertical and straight as possible. You will then split your feet into the optimal split stance with with distributed 50/50 on the front heel and back toe with the back knee softened. You will recover by bringing the front foot back first half way and then the back foot to meet it.


The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the first pull off of the floor in your clean. This exercise will help build strength in your positions on the clean. It will also allow you to build better movement patterns in relation to weight distribution from the floor into the first pull and then into the second pull.

When to Use;

The Pause Clean & Split Jerk complex can be used towards the end of a training cycle were strength and positional work are the main focuses. It will help build confidence in an athlete if they can pause clean and split jerk close to their current 1RM or in the 85% to 90% range. Once the pause is taken out the athlete should be able to lift more as momentum will be in their favor off of the floor. Use this complex if you have an athlete that struggles on the first pull or with bar path off of the floor.

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