Story Time – Fitness. Health. Happiness.


These are the three main goals of CrossFit Ireland for you and the whole team.

The aim of CrossFit is to make you excellent at everything, and give you the ability to do more than you’ve ever done before! We want to embrace and develop the ten physical skills – cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy.

Health to us has three main components – physical, social, and emotional. Physical health not only includes fitness above but also biomarkers such as body fat levels and absence of disease. Humans are wired to be part of a group and we create a team atmosphere of supportive people to satisfy that need for connection and belonging. Emotional health is developed by increasing your confidence, developing your self talk, and knowing that we’ve got your back.

Happiness is the ultimate goal. And it’s not on the other side of achievement. Happiness to us is a practice we get to do do daily, and can act like rocket fuel towards all our other goals. We can work daily on our gratitude, take time to acknowledge and savour our progress and build supportive relationships. This is why we’ll also make a bunch of jokes in training, we understand how important laughter is for stress relief, social bonding, and feeling good!

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