Focus On Others For Better Results

Want to increase your results and experience from training? Focus on others!

  • When we focus on others, we’re not living in fear or scarcity. Our minds are wired to look for threats and downsides. When we are looking after another, we’re “re-Programmeming” ourselves to believe that we’re okay. Burpees somehow magically feel a lot better when you cheer on your training buddy! You stop feeling distressed so you can push on and get more from your training.
  • You could be the difference in someone’s day! We all tend to forget that others are going through things as well (again, it’s human nature). The effort you put in to helping someone (even a quick Attaboy) could make their day and that kind gesture can last a while. Isn’t it cool to have that positive impact on your friend?
  • One good deed deserves another! When you encourage your team mates, you’ll make it easier for them to start encouraging you (even if they’re shy like you!) This means you’ll have the support when you need it.
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