Define Success

It’s Monday. Urgh, another week to get through. Or is it? How do we turn this week from one we need to “get through” to one that’s a success.

The problem is, we often don’t define success.

Success always will be personal to you. For some it’s lots of money in the bank. But for others, it’s time with their families.

To us, celebrating effort with great team mates equals success

Success is personal to you.

A good starting point for success is looking at factors that are completely under your control. In nutrition and body composition terms, we could define success as dropping 1Kg this week. But there’s so many factors at play that we don’t control. Your body clock, stress levels, adrenaline and hormonal fluctuations play a huge part in what the outcome will be.

But you could define success as eating your recommended grams of protein today, or hitting your macros, or maybe just eating breakfast 3 out of the 5 week days this week.

Success lies in your effort, your attitude, and your responses to life events.

A suggestion for success? Ask yourself, “Am I doing my best right now?” Not the best, but are you doing the best you can with what you have right now?

And if the answer is no, then we’ve an opportunity to correct that.

Like burpees. When you hit the deck. Just get back up!

Success isn’t winning gold or a huge event out of nowhere. Success is small, almost insignificant actions that add up. Defined this way, success is what you can do now, and every moment. Focus on the process and the results will take care of themselves.

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