Why I joined
Joining CrossFit wasn’t easy. I felt like I needed to be fit already to join and I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of anyone. Most gyms have a “macho” mentality and I don’t really fit into that category. After narrowing down a few options, I kept coming back to CrossFit. I was looking for a gym where I could focus on my strength, fitness and also do some gymnastic work and CrossFit had all I needed.

Why I stayed
I stayed because I loved it. I was really struck by the teamwork and “one team” value. The 6am crew were so welcoming and I never felt left out, awkward or not good enough. I’m constantly challenging myself daily and I know everyone around me is doing the same. Also, the trainers are very open, really great people and easy to approach which makes a huge difference. On top of all of that I have made some epic friends in such a short amount of time who have the same goals and keep me motivated!

What I get from it
I get so much from CrossFit. I look forward to going before work. I look forward to meeting new people and being challenged and knowing I’m making myself fitter and healthier. There are so many different fitness options if there’s an area you want to focus on which I’ve been really enjoying. I honestly couldn’t recommend CrossFit enough.

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