Story Time – Living Independently

A recent conversation with an intro prompted today’s “Story Time”. They asked “Why do all this?”

The short answer is that any movement is better than no movement.

But why squat, why pick things up, why do burpees and Turkish Get Ups?

In “real life” these are all the things that keep us living and moving independently – squats are sitting down and up out of a chair, burpees and turkish get ups are getting back up. Hinging is picking up our shopping etc.

We don’t sit on chairs as low as we squat – that extra range is a buffer on the range of movement we “need” in day to day life. Our shoppint is unlikely to weigh 100Kg, again it’s a buffer of strength.

Why climb ropes and do handstands then? Again to build and promote healthy shoulders, grip strength, body awareness well beyond what’s required of us to build that buffer, that safe zone. If you can walk 100′ on your 100th birthday you’re doing pretty awesome.

And rotational movement? If you lose the ability to twist around and wipe your backside you ain’t living independently

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