Story Time – Harder Choices, Better Results

Making the “harder” choice leads to better long term results 99% of the time.

The easy thing to do in a metcon is ease off when it’s uncomortable, the harder thing is to push into it. You’ll get a better score, and feel more satisfied.

Long term, the harder thing to do is slow down when you want to tear into it, and focus on better pacing/technique.

The easy thing to do at the end of a long day is laze on the couch, watch Netflix and order pizza. The harder thing is to mobilise, read rather than scroll Instagram, and get to bed earlier for more sleep. Short term discomfort for long term benefit.

For our health, complaining is easy. Finding the positives is harder. Bottle things up may feel easier in the short term, but having that tough conversation is better for us.

We’re not doing the hard thing to be martyrs, we’re choosing the ‘hard thing’ because that’s ultimately leading to greater satisfaction and fulfilment.

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