Sacrifices? Choices!

Throughout the CrossFit Games the commentators talk about the sacrifices the athletes make to get where they are in the sport. It’s great storytelling, and sets them apart as almost superhuman. Not to take anything away from them and their achievements, but hearing how much goes into their bodies and their abilities can be a little demotivating.

If you hear that a task will require a lot of effort, and more time that you think (both in terms of time it will take to achieve it and time out of your day), it can be easy to just do nothing and keep the status quo. “If it’s gonna take that much effort is it really worth it?”

I’ll bet though that the ones that truly excel don’t think of these things as sacrifices, they’re thinking of them as choices. A sacrifice is giving up something you really want for something you should do or have to do. That’s not fun or motivating is it? But a choice gives you the power.

Instead of sacrificing your morning lie in you chose to get up because you know you’ll feel better for it throughout the day. That time working up a sweat and laughing among friends is doing more for you then a sleep, croissant, and coffee.

Again, you’re not sacrificing your favourite food so you can fit into your summer clothes, you’re choosing to eat foods that give you energy and help you look better. One is forced and feels restrictive and is unsustainable. The other helps you get on track towards what you want much better.

Framed this way, it gives you a lot more control.Each day instead of having to make sacrifices in the hope of what you want, you’re making daily choices that steer you towards you goals.

What choices can you make today that will make you healthier and happier?

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