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Elaine suffered a hip injury that stopped her exercising for years. Her brother in law set up her intro with CrossFit Ireland, even though she

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Dave Hickey

Dave was dragged along to class a few years ago by a friend, and was instantly hooked. Before CrossFit, “The Boss” had never did any

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Success Breeds Motivation

Success breeds motivation. When we talk about success we’re not talking winning or being the best in the world (right away), we mean small wins.

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What’s harder than starting CrossFit? REstarting CrossFit. Even top athletes struggle to train after their competitive “peak.” But YOU can always get BETTER, even if

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Building The Future

We’ve done great. We have a gym we’re proud of, with kickass athletes making amazing progress. Not just in their physical fitness, but the friendships

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By: Colm O’Reilly 0 I joined CrossFit Ireland over 3.5 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. Previously my main sport

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