“Turn up the volume”

Jan 01-06 Jan

Aim of this cycle: Volume.


Power Snatch 3×3@50% 2×3@55% 2×3@60%
Front Squat 4×5@55% 3×5@60%


Comnplex CJ 2×1+2+1@53% 2×1+2+1@58% 2×1+2+1@62%
Back Squat 3×5@58% 3×5@62% 2×5@65%


Power Snatch 3×3@50% 3×3@58% 3×3@63%
Power CJ 2×2+1@58% 3×2+1@62% 3×2+1@65%


Front Squat 2×5@55% 3×5@58% 3×5@61%
Clean Pull 3×5@88%


Power Snatch 2×3@55% 3×3@60% 2×3@65%
Complex CJ 2×1+1+1@58% 3×1+1+1@61% 2×1+1+1@65%


Today we are starting a new cycle, which focus is volume, power and complexes.

Volume will give our muscles a bit of hypertrophy and our body will get use to high reps/intensity.

Power because power Snatch or Clean will make us stronger and faster, so we get to use more our strength and fast twitch muscle fibers.

Complexes because we want to work under fatigue so we can use more and more our technique, because thats the one that makes the weight on the barbell feel light or heavy.

This Cycle will continue for 3-6 weeks depending on the competition that you are preparing for.

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