Push Jerk BTN in Split Position | Weightlifting Demo & Info

Push Jerk Behind The Neck (BTN) in Split Position


How to Perform;

Put the bar on your back in the same position you would do a back squat from (upper traps). Position your feet in your split position with the weight evenly distributed between the front heel and the back toe with the back in slight soften.

With a vertical torso perform a “dip and drive” initiating the movement with the back leg of the jerk. Be sure to keep the torso as vertical as possible during this phase. Once the drive has been completed by the legs, follow through with the arms until you achieve a full lockout with the bar overhead while also sinking the back knee down to receive the barbell. Be sure to keep the weight evenly distributed between both feet throughout the exercise.


The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the receiving position in the split jerk while also working on correct weight distribution between the front foot and the back foot. It will also help strengthen the overhead position by working on a solid lockout and catch in the split jerk.

When to Use:

The Push Jerk BTN (Behind the Neck) in Split Position can be used as a skill primer for a heavy jerk or clean and jerk session. It can be used as a stand alone accessory exercise to work on correct foot positioning, weight distribution and leg drive for the split jerk. Doing sets of 3 to 5 on this exercise is sufficient and staying below 85% of your max jerk is optimal.

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