Competition Preparation – 2018 | CFI Weightlifting Club

Here are the competitions CFI Weightlifting Club will be focusing on and Programmeming to peak at over the coming months. We hope to send as many athletes to each of these competitions to represent #TeamCFI but also to take home medals!

Leinster Open Championships

7th & 8th of July, 2018

(12 Week Cycle begins: 9th of April, 2018)

Women’s Open

25th & 26th of August, 2018

(6 Week Cycle begins: 16th of July, 2018)

Club Championships

22nd & 23rd of September, 2018

(10 Week Cycle begins: 16th of July, 2018)

* If you intend to ONLY compete at the Women’s Open and not the Club Championships then you will have a 6 week cycle to peak for that competition. If you want to represent #TeamCFI at the Club Championships your 10 week cycle will start the same week as the 6 week cycle dues for the Women’s Open (16th of July, 2018).

** Due to the competitions being closely bunched our women on the team will NOT taper for the Women’s Open with fielding our strongest team at the Club Championships being our top priority for this year. Our women members will still compete at the Women’s Open if they so wish but it will be a “heavy” day on the training Programmeming rather than a taper for true max effort attempts.

If you want to join our team or work with us remotely for any of the above competitions then make note of when the training cycle starts and get in contact with us!

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