The Perfect Fitness Programmeme

…Doesn’t exist!

And what’s more, you can waste a lot of time worrying and searching for the perfect exercise routine before you start. 

I get it, you don’t want to waste your time on something that doesn’t get you the results you want. It makes (perfect) sense! By not doing anything while waiting for the perfect Programmeme, you are guaranteeing you’re not going to reach your goals. 

A better option is to ask “will this bring me closer to my goals?” This takes the pressure off finding the 100% right solution first time. If it gets you closer, the next adjustment will get you closer again, and bit by bit your goal is achieved! 

The same is true for the perfect diet or nutrition plan. Nothing is going to make you drop all the body fat and gain all the muscle you want in one goal. Small tweaks and tests will lead you to the right plan for you. It’s just got to start imperfectly and go from there. 

Any mistakes you make along the way aren’t fatal to your progress. Except doing nothing! 

And also, waiting for the perfect time, when you have the freedom of schedule to commit to something, isn’t going to happen either. In fact, when you’re busy is actually the best time to start. Because if you can take care of your health and embed good habits when you’re busy, you’re going to stick with it long term and really see the benefits you want. 

If you’d like to see how we can help you get closer to your goals, just book some time to talk. (Members can book a goal review here.)

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