My diet isn’t working

Are you sure?

Most diets work, even the really shite ones. The Atkins diet, Paleo, low carb, no carb, low fat, high fat, they all work. Hell, even the cabbage soup diet “works”. If your goal is to drop some weight then all of these diets will do that job.

Is this cupcake paleo?

Now I’m not necessarily saying you should be following any of these diets. What I am saying is that its not always the fault of the diet itself. It mostly comes down to a persons ability to stay the course and follow a diet that falls down.

Whether somebody is looking to gain or lose weight, a diet will usually start with great intentions. Lists are made, recipes are printed or bookmarked, groceries are bought, friends are told that “this is it”, “this time I’m doing it”.

Week 1: “This is awesome, I feel so good about this. I’ve cooked my meals for the week, this is going to be a piece of cake.”

Week 2: “Ok, we’re doing good, you’re just getting used to it, there are always going to be slip ups over the weekend right?”

Week 3: “I have that wedding this weekend, It’s probably ok to have some chocolate now and I can get back on track next week”

Week 4: “That wedding really messed up everything, last week was a write off. I’ll find a diet that works for me and I’ll start again next week”

Good intentions

I know I’m exaggerating a bit here but it’s pretty close to the truth. We start with great intentions and the energy we have drains away bit by bit and within (usually) a short amount of time we’re back to square one. Then we blame the diet or food plan we were on, all because we failed to follow it.

Losing weight is accomplished by consuming less calories than our body uses and ideally obtaining these calories from high quality, real foods. True, there are other considerations to take into account but there it is, simple. Not always easy, and there’s the issue.

We can forget that following a diet plan can take a bit of work. Work to plan meals, work to prepare them, self control, changing habits we’ve most likely built up over a long period of time. Failure to to any of these things isn’t the fault of the diet plan itself. it’s a failure on our part to understand that there may be some work involved or maybe even a lack of accountability on our part.

Mainly using this image because of the puppies!

As with a lot of things in life, dieting or losing weight is simple but not necessarily easy, at least not at first. Put work into it and you’ll get results back from it.

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