Low hanging fruit

Changing nutrition is hard. Damn hard. And there’s SO much information out there that we can see why people get confused.

Is grumpy cat still a thing?

As humans we’re wired to avoid pain, and sometimes the ‘pain’ of cutting something out of the diet, denying ourselves our favourite treat – especially when there’s no immediate, obvious reward – is enough to make us not want to start in the first place.

It doesn’t have to be complicated

Our take is to start with something super easy. Like so stupidly easy it feels like it won’t make a difference. And it won’t, at the start.

  • Don’t swear off all sugary drinks right away. Instead, decide that one day a week will be soft drink free. Or even just at one meal.
  • If you’ve never made breakfast in your life don’t aim to start Monday morning. But perhaps aim to drink one protein shake one morning a week.
  • If all you eat are sandwiches, take one day a week where you eat a salad for lunch instead.

Are these rapid, drastic, changes? No. But rapid, drastic changes don’t work, and aren’t permanent.

Small steps lead to big results.

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