Consistency is key

When it comes to nutrition and making a lasting change to our body composition, consistency really is key.



Spending a day eating the finest organic vegetables, the leanest proteins with the most complex of carbs and in the exact macro nutrient breakdown that your body needs, only to go back to eating chocolate and pizza the next day probably wont bring much in the way of positive changes.

We’d all like to say that body composition changes (whether it’s losing weight or gaining muscle) is something complicated. Its not. But it does take effort and consistency. As with training, doing something good consistently is far far better that doing something great sporadically. Find out what you need to do to hit your nutritional and health goals, do it most of the time and you’ll surprise yourself at what you can achieve.

The problem with most of us is we get bored, we lose focus or faith in the plan. We try something for a week, don’t see immediate results and start wondering why the plan isn’t working and look elsewhere for a quicker way to get where we want to be.


Not seeing immediate changes isn’t a bad thing, small changes over time are more likely to be maintained in the long term. Put in the work consistently and the changes we want will happen we just have to realise it may be overnight.

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