Why I Still Love CrossFit After 17 Years

This week marks my 17 year CrossFit-aversary. Naturally it has triggered some reflection about why I’ve done it for so long.

The reason I still love it are the same reasons why CrossFit is so good for you – it’s given me longevity (of health, strength, ability, vitality) and social connection. 

Because CrossFit constantly challenges my body in so many ways – getting my heart rate up, asking my muscles to work, moving my joints in all sorts of ways – it keeps me with a functional and healthy body. There’s aches and pains of course that come with using your body, but I’ve no major limitations in what I can do. There’s gratitude every time I can go into a squat, put my hands over my head, pick up my dog or carry my shopping. 

This long term functionality, particularly as we age, is why so many people initially start with CrossFit.

Why we stay is the social aspect of fitness. Study after study show that along with movement, our connections dictate our health. CrossFit gives me, and so many others, a great chance to connect with so many people. 

Friendships are built in CrossFit Ireland through the shared struggle of the workout we’re all doing, the goal of making ourselves healthier, fitter, and less stressed. And the genuine care mixed with banter that grows in the gym. It’s so great to see people of different walks of life just come together a few times a week with a common aim and all legitimately want to see everyone thrive. 

I still love it after all these years. 

If I can help in any way with your health and fitness just reach out and we’ll talk.

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