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I have joined CrossFit Ireland in August 2015 and since that my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. The main feature that attracted me to CrossFit is that workouts vary every day and you can always get better, faster, lift heavier… and I have tried regular gym and variety of classes and lost my interest in them very quickly ☹

CrossFit Ireland is so much more than a gym. All classes are coached so I am sure that I will be corrected if my movement is not right. The coaching, Programmeming (not always happy about that one #assholeProgrammeming ? ) and importantly atmosphere in CrossFit Ireland is amazing. Derek and Colm are exceptional coaches, who love what they do, that encourage me to achieve things I never thought will be possible. Since my first workout, I felt I belong, all members push each other, hang out in the gym talking shit which makes this place one of a kind. I even started to appreciate Colm’s jokes ☺ We are all a team and coaches know all of our strengths and weaknesses and push us to get better.

So beside of important things: great coaching, brilliant Programmeming, great team and implacable facilities, devil is in the details… so having bobbins to put my hair in a bun and hair straightener if I head off for prosecco brunch with my fellow crossfiter friends after workout are little touches that set CrossFit Ireland apart from any other box.

Workout became “my time” and even after really bad day, I leave CrossFit Ireland with smile on my face and full of energy (unless there were burpees, I really hate burpees!)

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