Two Reasons Why We Don’t Take Action

I was at WellFest the other weekend and learnt quite a lot. While attending a talk on “The Best Nutrition Strategy” it dawned on me two big reasons why we don’t take action towards our goals, and how they’re actually not all that different.

The first is that our goal is too big. It’s just too overwhelming that we don’t know where to start, or how to start. We feel that whatever action we take will have so minuscule an impact that it hardly seems worthwhile.

The second, and this usually comes when we get advice, is that it’s not enough. How can drinking 1 litre of water a day make any impact when I’m 2 stone overweight? How is getting an extra 30 minutes sleep going to increase my strength when I need to lift 10Kg more?

So we don’t take action because it either feels like too much of a struggle, or that any action proposed doesn’t have the return we’re expecting.

The key is to reconcile these two. Absolutely have a big gigantic hairy goal. Don’t sell yourself short in any way.

But don’t stop there. Realise that any big goal is going to involve a lot of time and a lot of effort. And boil it all down into those tiny tiny actions.

This way, we keep an eye on the big picture, and the motivation towards what we want. Then we bring it back to the day to day, to the process. This way we can trust the process daily and commit to the little actions, periodically looking up to see how we’re doing in relation to the big goal.

If you do need help bridging the gap between your big goal and the steps necessary to get there, why not schedule a goals review with us?

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