I’m P*ssed Off

I had a planned email about being midway through the year all ready to go but something happened this morning which genuinely upset me.

We’d a new member get over their fear and nervousness and pluck up the courage to come in to see us. They wanted to lose a lot of weight as they knew it was effecting their health, with next to no motivation.

They’d taken the leap and signed up and were all ready to get going until their doctor told them not to exercise.

The exact quote from the doctor was “I don’t know much about CrossFit but I don’t think it’s right for you.” And then they prescribed extra medication for them. “CrossFit might be okay to do” the doctor said, “when you’ve lost more weight.”

When I asked what had been prescribed for weight loss there was nothing other than maybe go for a few walks.

I asked about any dietary prescription there was nothing.

We could help them! We have helped so many people in his position and know what to do and how to build up your fitness slowly, meeting you at your level.

Now I get that the doctor is looking out for them, and doctors are given very little training on nutrition and exercise. So they have to be cautious. But the doctor doesn’t know what we do.

I wouldn’t advise a first time climber to try Mount Everest, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t advise someone not to go for a walk. I wouldn’t advise a first time exercise to attempt The CrossFit Games, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t advise some air squats to start off.

I’ve reached out to them and asked them to get their doctor to talk to me so we can see what we do.

They had taken the step and we absolutely could have helped them. We’ve done it before so many times, and we could have made such a difference in their life!

Rant over, back to helpful advice next week 🙂

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