Get Good At Life, Get Good At CrossFit

If you want to get good at life, do CrossFit. CrossFit is a general physical preparedness Programme. Which means it’s aim is to make you ready for anything life could throw at you (run for the bus, lift your couch, climb over a wall etc.)

Our aim for you is to maximise your fitness, health, and happiness. And we’re thinking long term – we want to be the most badass motherfucker in the nursing home!

To get good at CrossFit, you need to train CrossFit. Now you’ve decided it’s a sport, and you need to consciously approach your training. This is done in three parts.

  1. Be deliberate in class and your movements. Decide what you’re going to focus on – hip contact on the snatch, sub 1:50 on your 400s, consistent rest between pull ups – rather than just “finishing the metcon”
  2. Support your sport. This is the part that’s often skipped. Place the necessary focus on your sleep, nutrition, mobility, and headspace (relaxing and self coaching).
  3. Supplementary work. This is the part everyone wants to do. And it definitely has it’s place. There’s a point where just doing pull ups has a limited pay off, and you can gain more by doing bicep curls and banded pull downs to improve. You may need to do extra carries and core to improve your snatch. This extra work feeds back in to making you a better athlete.
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