Bonus Work – A Theoretical Template

How do we answer the question of what to work on if we feel we could do more training outside of class time?

Just by working out and eating healthy, you’re in phenomenal shape. But we don’t want to stop there.

First things first, make sure we know why we’re doing extra work. We don’t like to distinguish between training for fun and training for a benefit. In fact, the question we like to ask ourselves is “How do I make what I need to do fun?”

So if I really need to work on my wall balls or power snatch, how do I make that enjoyable and productive? Karen or Isabel might destroy your confidence, but a few reps every minute or two minutes to build up a volume of good reps will work up a sweat and leave you feeling accomplished.

Next up, what’s best for me right now? Is it more training, or is rest? (Gotta focus on recovery!)

Once we’ve answered those questions we can look at a general hierarchy:

  1. Mobility & Core. The easier we can more, the greater our hip and shoulder control/range of motion is, the better all our movements will be. Everything we do requires a strong, endurable core so there’s always a pay off here. Combine these together into good shapes (squat/hinge/hollow and arch) and you’re getting a great return on your time.
  2. Build a base. That base for you could be cardio (rowing/running/burpees/wall balls), it could be strength (squats/deadlifts), skills (muscle up/jerks), or it could be endurance (GHD/Toes to Bar/Handstand Push Ups). Essentially building up the sport in it’s separate pieces. Glassman has said that segmented training leads to segmented capacity. And he’s right. There’s a time and place for single mode work. We’re building it up here to put it back into the whole picture.
  3. Build “Sport Specific” Skill. While we don’t want to compete ourselves out of shape, occasionally there’s a benefit in adding in another metcon to build you up (not test you). This is comparable to a short match or game like scenario at the end of a training session in another sport. A fun chance to put your training into a “match day” like scenario.
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