Between Two Couches 18.06 – How Often Should I Train?

In this week’s episode we talk about how often to train and does it matter when you train?

As a beginner to CrossFit Ireland you’ve already changed up your schedule and carved out a few hours a week for your fitness, health and happiness.

Starting off three times a week gives your body ample stimulus to get fitter without overloading your joints (which need longer to “catch up”)

As you develop, and as long as your recovery matches the training volume, you can bump your days in the gym.

Scheduling your time in the gym makes it more likely you’ll get your classes in, and also builds the team aspect of what we do.

We’d also advise trying to make Saturday classes, as at the weekend you’ll see more people from the morning/afternoon/evening classes. Plus no one’s in a rush so it’s a great chance to grab a coffee and chat on the couch!

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