A Year From Now

In a year your fitness, your health, your lifestyle, your happiness… ALL could be completely different than it is today.

BUT here’s the thing. It’s not going to feel any different tomorrow. It might be marginally, imperceptibly better. But it’s not going to be completely different.

It mightn’t feel much different next week, or even at the end of the month.

This is why most people quit. Because they don’t see ENOUGH results soon enough. They don’t give it sufficient time. The old analogy is someone planting a tree and then immediately digging up the soil to see if it’s grown yet.

Making improvements is not a quick fix. And the changes that do occur happen bit by bit, inch by inch. Not mile by mile. Understanding that it’s an accumulation of effort and hundreds of small choices that lead to a goal, not one big thing, is one of the first steps in achieving your goals.

Small progress IS progress. If you’re ONLY down a pound by the end of January, is way better than being up one or two pounds instead. One pound a month is nearly a stone by the end of the year.

Put a bit of work in daily, and you’ll get the results. The worst thing you can do is sabotage yourself by setting unrealistic expectations of how quickly they’ll come.

If you need help determining what realistic expectations are, just reply back or schedule a goals review with us.

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