Pause Snatch | Weightlifting Demo & Info


How to Perform:

The pause snatch can be performed from many of the positions throughout the lift (hang, power position etc) but for the purpose of this pause snatch we will be focusing on just off the floor (2″ to be specific). Pull the bar 2″ off the floor and pause here for 3 to 5 seconds. Make sure your weight is predominately in the ball of the foot, quads are fully engaged and back is perfectly straight. Once the pause is complete go straight into your snatch without hesitation.


The pause snatch is a great exercise to build strength and confidence in each position of the lift. Where you choose to pause and for how long will determine which muscle groups are activated and which portion of the lift is being targeted more. When pausing 2″ off the floor, like shown above you are working on strength off the floor, quad recruitment/strength in the first pull, weight distribution and transfer in the first pull and transition proficiency from the first pull to the second pull.

When to Use:

Adding pause variations to your Programmeming can be beneficial if you lack strength or efficiency at certain parts of the lifts. Pauses can also be used to lower the overall volume of your training as you will likely not lift as much from pause variations than you will on conventional, full lifts. Pause variations are great to incorporate if you are early in a cycle or if you are focusing more on strength along with a high volume squat cycle.

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