Tracking your food in MyFitnessPal

If you saw our post from last week hopefully you’ve already taken the step and have MyFitnessPal installed on your phone (if you haven’t downloaded it yet take a minute to do so now).
Don’t worry about what you are eating right now, just track it as it is. As mentioned before, we can use our fool logs to see if we are taking in enough food to fuel our daily needs or maybe taking in too much. Tracking can also highlight the quickest and easiest ways we can make improvements to our daily routines.
Even if what you eat wasn’t 100% planned that’s ok, track it anyway. Don’t worry about making any changes to what you eat just yet. Remember, we’re tracking our intake to see what we need to change. The more data we have the better informed our decisions can be.
Likewise, don’t get caught up on daily calorie targets or macros yet, just go with what the app suggests based on your height, weight and age etc. We’ll talk more about setting these types of goals down the line.
Don’t worry about targets just yet
The process of tracking your food will get easier the more you do it. The app itself will start to remember what you’ve previously logged and what foods you paired up previously so adding them in for further meals is just a click or tap away.
Track your food intake for at least a week, crossing over a weekend if at all possible. For some of us, our nutritional habits at the weekend can look very different to a weekday because of social events or take away routines. These could be the very things that need a slight tweak to see big improvements.
Below is a quick video of how to add your food into the app. If this was useful or if you have any questions on this just let us know!
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