Testimonial – CFI Weightlifting Club (Lisa Kierans)

“I started working with Seán & CFI Weightlifting Club shortly before my first National competition in early 2018 and have been blown away by how much he has helped me over the 1.5 years.  Since starting with CFI I have set PB’s in every lift. After only 1 year I have increased my lifts by a total of 14kg and earned a bronze medal at European Masters in 2018!!

Seán has provided me with individualised and totally customised programming designed for my abilities/weaknesses and goals. The program includes important flexibility and activation exercises every day that have ensured I have not had one (new) injury since starting the program, and the ‘fun’ complexes we get everyday really are effective!! Combine this with the vast library of instructional videos, the regular communication (or counselling!) with Seán, regular video technique analysis feedback, and the INVALUABLE competition coaching – this is the complete package!

Over the last year the improvement in my form, technique and strength gains have been beyond what I ever expected to achieve, and it has been fantastic to learn from someone who is so experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about this sport.

The best part of the program however, is the CFI Weightlifting community – the coaches and other lifters in CFI make everyone feel like an important part of the team (no matter how far away you are, or how rarely you make it up to the classes!) – and the support from the team, who travel short and long distances to competitions, blows me away every time!

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to start remote coaching with CFI Weightlifting Club and I’m proud to be part of such a great team of weightlifters!”


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