Story Time – Recover for Results

With The Open so close the natural tendency is to really up our training to be as fit as possible. But is extra training where you’re best off spending your time/energy?

CrossFit is so effective because of the intensity. As a general rule, the more we do in one individual session the less intense we go.

So what will help? Improving our Sleep, Food, Mobility and Mindset will reap far more rewards than constantly going for more toes to Bar.

Sleep. First thing is to increase your hours. Sleep is the most anabolic (muscle building) thing we can do. Aim for at least 7 hours, ideally 8 plus. The crazy thing is when we’re sleep deprived we can’t feel how it effects our performance and mood. Get to bed earlier yo! After that aim to improve your sleep environment (cool, dark room). Then look at reducing/removing your pre bed screen time.

For food, aim for calories first. After that dial in your macros and food quality. Once these are on point should you focus on supplements. Think how much easier all your body weight movements are going to be if you’re not carrying excess body fat.

The easier we move the more efficient we can be in workouts. So instead of extra overhead squats after class why not work on a daily mobility routine. Even 5-10 minutes a day, pre bed (without screens!) starts to really pay off. Regular massage or Physio can seriously expediate your progress too.

The greatest adaptation in CrossFit takes place between the ears. If you can reduce your stress you’ll reduce the tension in your body. Muscles that are always tense can’t “fire” when needed. If class time is your relax/de stress time keep this in mind to maximise your results and enjoyment. After that work on positivity and confidence. Positivity is directly linked to improved performance and confidence isn’t about being the best, it’s knowing that your best is enough.

Some days, it might be necessary to do extra work on your chest to bar pull ups or front squat. Most days, how you recover will determine your results.

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