Get Results. Enjoy The Process.

Everywhere in the fitness industry promises results. And 99% of the time they’re not wrong. If you find some activity you enjoy and apply yourself consistently, you’ll see results.

We aim to make the process as enjoyable as the results. We believe that when you enjoy what you’re doing you’ll stick with it consistently enough to see the progress you initially signed up for. Then, ultimately, the results (weight loss, tone up, strength gain, improved performance, feeling better) are a nice by product of an enjoyable experience.

In the book, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck”, the author says that instead of asking “what would you like to achieve?” you’re better off asking “what pain would you like?” (We’re paraphrasing a bit here, as he swears considerably more than that. He argues that those that learn to embrace the pain see the results. Those that just want results aren’t willing to do what’s needed.

But pain doesn’t sound fun, right? Heck, that’s why most people avoid exercise. And it’s probably because they felt pain but none of the pleasure. So how do we make the process more fun?

Firstly, we understand what it’s like to have a big goal, be afraid of failing at it, and being unsure if you can even achieve it. We’ve been there, and still feel the same way as you with our goals. Having an empathetic fitness coach that’s got your back helps an awful lot in your journey.

Secondly, we help you distinguish between pain, which is just sucky, and discomfort, which is a normal part of the training experience. Knowing this is a normal part of training helps you realise, with the guidance of a coach, what the right dose is. We want to be slightly outside of our comfort zone so we get fitter and grow. Not so much that it takes us a week to recover physically and we’re left mentally scarred!

Thirdly, being around friends helps you through. When you’re tired, lost, frustrated, they remind you that you’re more capable and resilient than you think you are

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