Coaching Lessons from Snoop Dogg

Netflix just released an 8-part documentary called “Coach Snoop”. Snoop Dogg, yes, the rapper, has started a Youth Football League for kids who are at risk of succumbing to gang lives. Not only that, he coaches one of the teams.

Once you get past all the cussing you can really learn a lot from Coach Snoop. He gives amazingly succinct and potent lessons to his kids after practice – such as how to congratulate opponents when they beat you, learning that life will be more defeats than victories, and holding your head up high and meeting both the same.

There’s no doubt that Snoop has been incredibly successful in his career (selling 35 million albums worldwide) but he hasn’t rested on his laurels. He’s still working in studio and doing DJ sets to keep The Snoop Brand alive. On top of that he’s thinking about his legacy, and what real impact he wants to have on the world after he’s gone. Knowing this, it’s no wonder he’s been so consistently successful.

Well worth checking out if you’ve got the time.

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