Coache’s Lunches


1,025 Calories
113g Carbs
31g Fat
67g Protein

Fresh Penne Pasta
5 Rashers
2/3 of a jar of Loyd Grossman tomato & smoked bacon

10 minutes to prepare


523 cals

63g carbs

10 fat

52 protein

Basmati rice 130g
2 chicken breasts
Red peppers 65g
Carrots 65g

15 minutes to make


489 Cals
61g Carbs
41g Protein
10g Fat

Lean Meatballs (175 grams)
2 x Roasted Bell Peppers
Spicy Mexican rice 125 grams (possibly a little more as the rest was spilt out into a smaller meal from earlier but calculated into my daily totals)

Meatballs were fried off on a pan to seal them and then finished in the oven while the peppers were roasting. Rice was cooked in the microwave.

This isn’t a very large lunch as my current aim is to drop some bodyweight. This, plus breakfast and mid morning snack amounts to about half my daily calories right now (day starts at 5AM).


614 cals
82g carbs
38g protein
14g fats

Chicken breast
5 grain rice
Smoothie (banana, 100g mixed berries, handful spinach, handful kale, 125g low fat natural yogurt)


Away at the weekend so no Sunday shop in @aldi_ireland to food prep (well, @michellemassey_ does the food prep ???? while I stay out of the way)
These pots are very handy and very tasty!
392 calories
8.8g Fat
31.9g Carb
43.1g Protein

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