Two Things You Need For Success

The first is guidance. If you’re going into the gym everyday and doing what you feel like, or doing whatever machines are free, you’re going to have holes in your training. Jumping from one programme to another will mean you won’t stick around long enough to see results. 

If you’ve too much choice in workout selection, chances are you’ll avoid the things that will benefit your health the most. 

This is why having a programme that’s been thought out to be “fun”, gives you a sense of accomplishment in the moment, and has long term health in mind, is so good for you. You don’t need to think about it, just show up. Then having a coach who knows you, and can fine tune it for you in person, really adds rocket fuel! 

The second is environment. It’s far easier to stick to something if everyone around you is on a similar journey. Maybe they’re at your level, at little further ahead, or a little further behind. When you’re in a group that you feel safe in, can have a laugh, and you’re one of the team no matter how good you are, you’ll do your best. 

If you’re looking to improve an area of your life, don’t wing it and go it alone. Find the guidance and support and you’ll be off to a flying start. 

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