The Number One Mistake In Your Fitness Journey…

… is trying to go it alone.

For a start, you’ll make mistakes. You’ll do too much or too little. You’ll pick exercises that are inefficient or could get you hurt. You might do them wrong, wasting your time or leading to injury. You might rush past the fundamentals or spend too long trying to be perfect and not create any adaptations to your body composition, performance or health.

Second, willpower. Willpower is a finite resource. When you’ve had a poor night’s sleep, work has been stressful and your family are annoying you, it’s hard to stick to your diet. When you’re out of breath in the gym or the weights are feeling heavy, it’s easier to take the foot off the gas and do half your workout.

Third, we’re meant to do this together. Loneliness, some say, is as bad as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Humans on their own are more susceptible to viruses as well. Sure, you might be surrounded with people in the gym but if everyone is working out with their headphones in and competing for space and equipment, it’s not a positive social environment. Having a coach to work with one to one, or as part of a non judgmental group where you’ll share some laughs, will make the training all the better and accelerate your results.

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