Seinfeld’s Approach To Comedy (And How It Can Help Your Health)

This week’s email is inspired after watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on the plane last weekend. Larry David’s ability to craft cringe comedy is unparalleled in my opinion. 

Larry David was a driving force behind Seinfeld, which dominated the sitcom market during its run. Jerry Seinfeld was once asked what’s the secret to being a great comedian. He told the aspiring comic to get a calendar and mark the days where they worked on their craft. “Never miss two days in a row” was the advice. 

What’s this to do with health and fitness? Inevitably you’re going to fall out of a routine. You’re going to miss a workout because life got in the way or the motivation wasn’t there. You’re going to get out of a sleep routine and stay up too late and/or hit snooze on the alarm instead of making the early morning class. You’ll forget your vitamins or stretching or go for takeaway instead of eating the healthy meal at home. 

You’re human, you’re going to trip up. The key thing is to not make a one off become the norm. If you notice you’ve missed the gym, schedule your next session as soon as you can or do some squats and planks at home that evening. If you “cheat” on your diet, make the next meal healthier than before. 

In the end, It’s not the few times you slip up, it’s the consistency in what you do eighty percent (ish) of the time that will give you the results you want. 

And it’s easier to do it with support, so don’t try and do it alone 😉 



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