Podcast: Exercise & Stress Relief

Stress is any time you are loaded with more than you can sustain at that moment. It can be mental, physical, emotional, societal – your body responds to it all in the same way. 

Exercise can be a great stress reliever, and most people feel better after a good workout. Why? Because it allows the body to process sensations, gets the hormones back in balance and literally takes your mind off things for a few minutes (who’s thinking of anything else other than getting through this round of wall balls or burpees in the moment? 

If you notice yourself stressed, the best thing you can do is recognise it, and treat yourself with kindness in doing whatever you need to do to get yourself back to a calmer, more regulated mindset. This could be some deep breathing, venting to a friend, taking time in nature or movement. 

In addition, it’s worth spending a little time minding your mind each day, so the stress doesn’t impact you as much and the stressed times aren’t as intense or as durable. If you need help coming up with ways to mind your mind, just reach out. 

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