How To Not Let Gym Nerves Get The Best of You…

I’ve had a number of people tell me they’ve been nervous to start CrossFit or get (back) into a fitness routine. I get it. It can be nerve racking entering a gym for the first time, or after a long layoff. Your mind can play all sorts of tricks on you and the fear of being embarrassed, not knowing what to do, not being good enough or holding everyone back can get so strong it stops you from doing anything.

If any of these ring true for you, know you’re not alone! 

Amazingly, telling yourself “just don’t be nervous” doesn’t help! Trying to push down anxiety or any emotion is kind of like trying to push down a beach ball in the pool. Eventually it’s going to pop back up and smack you or someone in the face! 

What can help, according to Kristin Neff, an associate professor in the University of Texas at Austin’s department of educational psychology, is to normalise the emotion by recognising that it’s a response to very real concerns. Your nerves are signals and trying to protect you. 

When you normalise your nerves it’s easier to not let them take over. You might still be nervous but you’ll be able to take some action. It makes it easier if you’re in an environment that’s supportive and non judgmental – which we work very hard to create here! You’re around people who understand what it’s like to have nerves. Maybe for you it’s the first time entering the gym, your first time attempting hanging from the pull up bar or putting big plates on the bar. We all get it what it’s like. 

For some people, it’s better to talk through the concerns to soothe the nerves. For others, it helps to take action knowing someone is there who has your back. If you’d like to have a chat about your next goal, or have someone support you while you jump in a give it a go, please reach out. 

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