Can CrossFit Get Me Toned?

To get toned you need to do two things – stress your muscles and get your heart rate up. You need to work out at the intensity that’s right for you. Too little and it’s boring and a waist of your time, too much and you can hurt yourself.

The best way to do this is in a group of people all pushing for the same goal. Why? Because your intensity naturally increases if you’re working out with people. Even better, it won’t feel like you’re putting more effort in.

Secondly, being surrounded by supportive, non judgmental people makes the gym experience friendlier. Rather than being in an anonymous gym where you’re worried about being judged, someone might steal your equipment or you’ll end up getting in someone’s way, you’re free to enjoy your time training. This lowers your stress hormones, which make it easier to burn fat and build muscle!

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