Why I nearly left CrossFit, and why I’m glad I didn’t – Vicky

I’d heard a lot about CrossFit and I was keen to improve my fitness and strength, so thought I’d give it a go. I was under the delusion that I was already fit, because I had been running for years, but this was quickly dispelled by comparing myself to others in my first group class.

In the first month, I really struggled in the classes, despite the encouragement of the coaches and others in the classes, I began to think I wasn’t good enough for CrossFit. Instead of regularly going, 3 times a week, I would drop in and out, which made each class seem like the first, all over again. I started to tell myself I was too old, too unfit and too busy for CrossFit, so I suspended my membership.

For 2 months, it niggled me that I’d given up without giving it a proper go, and that didn’t sit too well with me. So, I made the decision to go back to CrossFit, but this time go 3 times a week, with a more positive attitude. I stopped comparing myself to others, and instead focused on my own gains. These gains don’t come easily, as CrossFit is damn hard, but when I started making these small improvements, I felt like I’d won gold.

Soon, 3 times a week was not enough, and I knew I was hooked. The coaches have always been so encouraging and are delighted along with you, when have those little triumphs. I’m never going to do a muscle up or put those bad boys weights on my barbell but that’s fine with me, as after 7 months of being at CFI, I feel stronger and fitter than ever before, and have made some great friends too.

Recently, I’ve been doing PTs with my son, and it been great to show him, there is more to his mammy, than he thinks. I would encourage anyone to try CrossFit and stick with it, as anything worth having takes hard work!

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