Testimonial – CFI Weightlifting Club (Phil Brown)

“I joined CFI Weightlifting Club in January 2018. Why you might ask?

Well for two reasons, a number of years ago my youngest son Seán Brown told me that if I didn’t keep my muscle strength up that when I got older I wouldn’t be able to carry in the shopping!!

He backed up his statement by giving me an article to read about muscle loss as we age. Well what ever about the shopping my other reason was that I wanted to be strong enough to pick up my grandson and I didn’t want to have a weak body with no muscle tone as I grew older, so I joined the weightlifting class.

Weightlifting is a pretty technical sport but the coaching I got was excellent. The team support was amazing and as I achieved some skills and actually did some lifts I was really surprised and chuffed that I could do it.

Then I competed in a weightlifting competition and won a gold medal. I had exceeded all my expectations. I am a keen golfer and since taking up the weightlifting my core strength has improved a lot and I am getting a lot more distance on my shots.

I am 59 years old now and I feel trim, toned and stronger than ever. I absolutely love it!”

Are you considering taking up Olympic weightlifting or wondering how do you join CFI Weightlifting Club? You’re never too old to start! Just email us today – sean@crossfitireland.ie
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