Testimonial – CFI Weightlifting Club (Noreen Fleming)

Noreen joined us at CFI Weightlifting Club after joining CrossFit Ireland. She now does CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting and as aspiration of competing this year for the first time! We couldn’t be prouder of how far she’s come and we’re really excited to she how far she can go with this sport.



“When I joined CrossFit Ireland first, one of my goals was to be able to lift ‘heavy things’. I have learned over the last 4 months that to be able to do this is not about going and huffing and puffing and being all yea look at me, I’m strong. Observing the weightlifting classes over the summer made me realise that to lift weight you need to be humble and incredibly patient. Becoming strong takes time, effort, determination, practice and humility. Weightlifting is one of the most graceful sports I have ever witnessed. To achieve this grace you need not only to be ‘coached’ but also to be ‘coachable’.



We are very lucky in CFI Weightlifting Club to have a coach that brings out the very best in us all. Seán recgonises each individual’s strengths and weaknesses. He allows you to grow and develop. But most importantly he knows you can do it but also knows you can do it better. Joining CFI Weightlifting Club has allowed me to challenge myself and learn things about myself that I never thought possible.

The members are so encouraging and thoughtful. I now strive to become a greater team player and bring the best I can to the class as the random kind word of encouragement from members to me has totally changed a night’s lifting and I would like to pay it forward to someone else. The bar is set high. The expectation is real. The challenge is complex. The reward is great.”


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