Ronan & Erica

As we have been effectively travelling for the last 5/6 years we haven’t had a solid base in any aspect of our lives. Coming home for good, has been the best decision we have made. We are happier, more relaxed, less stressed and ultimately healthier as a result. Joining a box when we returned was high on our list of essentials.

As you know, we both come from an athletic background where sport is part of our daily lives, and if we are not active each day somehow, we feel like we have wasted the day. For me, being able to be active and mobile, means a lot more as I very nearly could have lost it all and a lot more.

I went from a daily routine of cycling 20+ miles commuting from the city to Carrrickmines plus a run or a gym session, to struggling to be able to sit up in bed, and having to learn to walk again. This was short-lived luckily but the effects of surgery took their toll physically and mentally. Its only due to the fact that I was so active and agile beforehand, that I responded so well.

This thought is always on my mind, if it returns I need to be fitter and stronger than ever to be able to bounce back. Even though I was given all clear nearly 15 months back and I’ve been back to the gym and a member of other boxes, its only now in last few weeks that I feel I am starting to return to normal. This eases the worry at the back of the mind somewhat.

We are one month in and couldn’t be happier with the choice and the results seen so far. The team & culture you have in place is a credit to the hard work put in by Derek, Sean, Sam, Madie & yourself. Ultimately being part of CrossFit Ireland is making home feel more like home. Which brings me back to my original point: We are happier, more relaxed, less stressed and ultimately healthier as a result.

Needless to say some good days, some bad days in there where I feel nothing has been achieved, but then I remember what a friend of mine always says. Just be 1% better every day. It seems such a small inconsequential number, but over a large period of time it is monumental. The power of tiny gains.

I have my basic goals in mind for the next few months to achieve before Christmas ( Pull Ups – Double Unders – handstand holds) and beyond that too ( get my glutes back – be able to back squat again – run another 1/2 marathon – win the open ) some are more achievable than others, and I will be working to progress them along little by little.

Keep doing what your doing, keep Programmeming like your Programmeming and keep cracking the jokes every chance you get.

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