Joining CrossFit took about 3 months of trying to decide if I had the time to exercise and how I was going to work it in to my busy lifestyle.

I knew I wanted to get fit and I definitely knew I was looking for something a bit different from the other gyms that I had been a member. I liked having a structure and being told and shown what to do but found that lacking elsewhere. Either it was with a personal trainer, an anonymous class or eventually standing around looking lost, not knowing what I should be doing with myself and nobody interested in my well being.

Then CrossFit happened, a totally new experience in more ways than one. From the completely inclusive and welcoming feeling from all the staff and most importantly I found, from the people who are in your class. They will encourage you, motivate you, spur you on when you feel you’ve nothing more to give and then congratulate on a job well done as if they were personally responsible for your well being and that’s before I mention the trainers.

They do all the above but somehow make you feel like it’s a personal training session with just the 2 of you. No mean feat I can tell you. It helps that theres no mirrors and no preening, just as much hard work as you are willing to put in. Everyone is at a different level but nobody thinks they are better than anyone else, you work at your own pace and ability to reach those levels in which you are welcomed with strong and toned open arms.

Looking back I wish I hadn’t wasted those 3 months deciding to join this amazing CrossFit family.

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