Diagnosed with a severe herniated disc at 27 and following surgery, I was told by everyone from neurosurgeons to physios ‘bad back for life’. It’s a tough pill to swallow, your back is bad, weak, chronic. What would the future be like for me? So, when 13 years later and in severe pain, the MRI scan shows the disc herniated again, well it was a vindication, ‘bad back for life’ ☹… So, it was either faith or good luck when I came across CrossFit Ireland.

When Colm suggested he call my physio to discuss my specific training needs, I suspected I was on to something very different. Fast forward a couple of weeks of training with Sean, I am ‘back pain’ free. A few months on the ‘bad back for life’ girl is deadlifting and snatching weights she thought impossible.

And though I initially thought well maybe this training might help me get rid of the ‘mum tum’, look better etc, honestly now my perspective has changed to how strong can I get? Can I do that pull up or handstand if I keep training?

To be able to change your long-held belief about your body image and knowing its amazing potential, is a powerful motivator to positive self-belief, good mental health and the respect for your body it deserves. Some days I still get intimated by a new work-out but Sean and the team have always got my back!

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