A Little Feel Good Story

I didn’t have an email to write this week, but something cool happened this morning in the gym which I think highlights how awesome CrossFit Ireland is.

While I was with a personal training client, I saw one of our group members come in not as smiley as they normally are and looking a bit distracted. I didn’t get a chance to check in with them while they were in class so afterwards I sent them a WhatsApp. They were all right, and had been messaging someone else when they came in offering support, but appreciated that I checked in.

Then, maybe 30 minutes later another member in the gym messaged me to check in with me because I seemed quiet!! 

If that’s not a sign of a community that genuinely cares I don’t know what is! 

I’m so proud of how welcoming, supportive and non judgmental CFIers are!! I spend so much of my time learning about physical, emotional and mental well being and the safety of our connections ranks as number one! If you have a place and people who can support and encourage you, you’re doing well! 

Thanks for reading my little feel good story.

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