I ate like Sh*t over the weekend (Or the Non Fat Loss Benefits of Nutrition)

My girlfriend was away over the weekend so I guess you could say I reverted to a bachelor lifestyle for 48 hours (read: didn’t take care of myself).

I had some chocolate Friday night which in itself wouldn’t be so bad. Saturday I “justified” my poor eating decisions by being on the road coaching (Jellies everywhere!) and then a friend called around Saturday so we “had” to have a dirty takeaway. Sunday night when I picked her up from the airport we got a takeaway “because it’s late and we’re tired”.

What were the results? Well, my thinking got less clear and more fuzzy over the weekend. And I noticed that I was a lot more anxious on Sunday than would be normal. No particular reason, just a sense that things were meh! It got harder to sleep and I woke up feeling groggy and tetchy, not a great combo!

Today’s workout I couldn’t string 5 wall balls together AT THE START, my timing and coordination just wasn’t there. Added to that I ran out of power pretty quickly, and noticed that negative self talk creeped in.

Luckily I noticed that and also realised the main culprit. Knowing this, I can “suffer through” the withdrawal headache I feel coming on and focus on making each meal and snack as healthy as I can.

Most of the time, we discuss nutrition in terms of muscle gain and fat loss. It definitely plays a role here but nutrition is going to impact so much more – your motivation, your mood, your thinking, your power and stamina.

So take a lesson from me and find one area of your diet that you can improve. I promise you the pay off will be huge!

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