Summer Nutrition Challenge

Why: Nutrition is the foundation of everything we do here – our fitness, health and happiness are all going to be improved by improving how we fuel and nourish our bodies.

We also know that change can be difficult, but it’s far easier when we embark on a challenge together!

When: Monday 30 April – Sunday 10 June (6 weeks)

1) Eat Real Food – anything your grandmother would recognise as food. If it’s a processed food like substance, it doesn’t cut the mustard!

2) Not Too Much – 3 to 4 meals per day, depending on your needs, no seconds, no snacks. (You can have unlimited veggies though!)

3) Mostly plants – ensure 50% + of your plate is filled with veg.

4) Get 7+ Hours of Sleep per night. Sleep deprivation messes up your metabolism. By getting adequate sleep, we set our bodies up to digest and utilise our food properly.

How: We’ll be using the Wodify Rise app to track our habits.

Buy In: €30 to give you some skin in the game. There’ll be prizes for those that embed the best habits.

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