Something BIG is coming! | SCHEDULE UPDATE

CFI Weightlifting Club has grown substantially since we established it just over a year ago! We’re so grateful that you’re part of our team!

We’ve grown so much that we’ve expanded the schedule for Weightlifting classes to FIVE times per week starting from May, 1st!!

NEW Schedule:

Monday @7pm

Tuesday @6pm

Wednesday @7pm

Thursday @6pm

Saturday @12noon


Let’s breakdown the options now available:


1). If you have a CrossFit membership already at CrossFit Ireland you’ll be staying on the 3x-week option – €90/month. This optimises your Fitness, Health and Happiness and gives you ideal work to rest. You can pick any three days on the schedule that suit you. (If you’re on a pure CrossFit membership, ignore this part!)


2). If you’re interested solely in Olympic weightlifting here are the options available;


  • Unlimited Weightlifting – €160/month

* Programmeming access & video analysis
* FIVE times per week (full schedule)
* competition prep & coaching

  • 3xWeek Weightlifting – €120/month

* Programmeming access & video analysis
* THREE times per week (any on schedule)
* competition prep & coaching

  • Remote Hybrid – €90/month

* Programmeming access & video analysis
* one FREE drop in per WEEK (any on schedule)
* competition prep & coaching

  • Remote Access – €50/month

* Programmeming access & video analysis
* one FREE drop in per MONTH (any on schedule)


We’re very excited to offer a full weightlifting Programmeme at CFI Weightlifting Club for you so you can reach those goals on and off the platform.

Any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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